Delorean Back in Action


Recent reports out there are pointing to the reemergence of the DeLorean. According to a new law exempting car manufacturers from producing small volume of cars due to safety restrictions. This law has usually been applied to new car manufacturers and companies.

The law applies to cars that resemble other cars produced at least some 25 years ago or more, as this would include cars like the DeLorean or older muscle cars as well. Thirty years ago the DeLorean Motor Company acquired what was left of the original company. Currently it does not produce any cars but is in the business of restoration and repairs. Now that this new legislation has passed into law the car can use its many parts it still has created from former blueprints and begin creating a 2017 model DeLorean.

Consumers could expect a couple hundred built every year. The cars would have to meet new car emission requirements as the new laws still requires them to meet environmental laws and quotas.

The Creation

The creator of the car will be buying from a third party supplier. The company is doing this for a few different reasons. One it is going to allow them to easily meet emission requirements without sourcing their own resources to have to come up with the new production to meet the emission demand. Also the company will be able to scale up the horsepower from the original DeLorean. The wheel base is going to be increasing up to 17 to 18 inch from the original 14 to 15 inch size.

The horse power is also a significant upgrade from the 130 horsepower the car originally came with in the 1980s. Modern accessories will not be lost on the car as well. Aspects like heated seats and a fitting futuristic interior will definitely be part of the new upgraded version of the car. If everything goes well with officials and authoritative figures involved in getting this car into production, assembly line production should begin sometime in the first quarter of 2017.

The car will fetch anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 depending on the distinct and different models offered. It will maintain its distinct features that made the car so prevalent and well known many years ago.

History Being Remade

The DeLorean is going to have better wheels, brakes, and shocks that they will be procuring from a well known German supplier. An executive from General Motors originally formed the company in 1975. Their reputation is respected as they helped create a lot of jobs and got the company as well known as it is today. Putting the DeLorean back into production will do wonders for the company and help them get some market share of the automobile industry while offering a classic upgraded car that will be one great ride. The nostalgia and fame behind the car also helps too and there will be no shortage on this car being sold when it does get into production and out in front of consumers.

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